(Yes, I know this should go for the relationship thread but every.single.one of my posts get ingnored there)

Well, theres been a girl who I'd been very close to and I was you y'know, going to ask her out and all that, but just before I was going to, a mutual friend told me that she had been asked out by her friend Stephanie...and the girl I liked said yes...

any idea what I should do?
(keeping in mind I'm mainly depressed all the time)
(and please don't the let the first two posts be fap or suicide, sure it's funny, but c'mon)

Wait, the girl you like went out with another girl? Sweet

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Wait, the girl you like went out with another girl? Sweet

in theory yes..but still....
Take it to the relationship thread... yeah that sounds right.

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Find a dice and assign a number to each girl. Throw the dice.

The number you hope for at the moment you throw the dice, is the one you'll want to keep.
be a big boy and ask her out some other day? if she's bi we've got dibs.
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I think I want to have sex with you.

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ofcourse i laughed xD

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Well if that's true then well sorry champ but I don't really see anything that you can do about it. That's relationships for ya.
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well u wanna find out if shes bi or lesbian first, just tease it out of her.

if shes bi, then sweet
if shes lesbian, move on, after fappage obviously
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im so jealous

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ask her out and see wat she says (act as if u dont kno bout the whole stephanie thing)
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that. is. awesome.

flirt with your friend AND this stephanie chick.

... for uhhhh future opportunities
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Put a plastic bag over your head sit in the corner of the room naked and fap while you asfixiate. One hell of a rush.

Or you could flat out suck it up and just ask this girl if she wants to go out thus negating the need for pointless threads on UG.

It's that simple. Even Matt Damon could do it. Nooch.

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You seem to all me missing the point... Come on man two chicks that are bi... I think you should be looking for a threesome!!!!
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I think your all missing the point.

TS, threesome.
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