Hey folks

Just wanted to say a 'hi' cause I'm new here.
So here it is... Hi!

Am playing guitar already for a long time... but always am looking for something new and I am sure enough folks over here play much better guitar and know much about guitar in general and cool artists!

Hope to learn a lot while using this forum!

Thanx already,

Greetz, Alexey
hey alexey
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Hey bud
I sat next to a nun on the bus once, she said hi

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Oww yeah :p the introduction thread :p didnt see that one, sorry... but thanx for the nice welcome folks!
no worries, man.

go there and post your introduction. and say hello to the other newbies.

be sure to read the announcement(s) and any stickied threads in each forum you visit.
good info, and they guide you on how to use that particular forum.
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Wuahaha :p no man, never did Van Gogh museum before, culture barbarian I know

Ofcourse tried some old-fashion weed, but heej, thats Holland he

Greetz, me