Hey guys, i know the time for applying to uni has passed, but heres the deal, my college offers a degree course which i am doing at the moment, it seems to be ok but the thing is i know most of the people on the course, don't get me wrong i like all of them but i just want a new experience. I could digress onto other matters but they are silly little teething problems, but the main problem is the fact that it dosen't seem much different to college, so i was thinking, if i still want to go off to uni after a while (we're talking maybe half way through second semester so that i can sort everything out if i wanted to leave) i am gonna try and do all the work to the best of my ability so that it dosen't look like i just slacked off and dropped out.

So what good music universities can you guys suggest? I know a few people who go to kingston but i'm not too sure about it, i want to see if there are other places that i haven't thought of yet.

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ACM in Surrey i was considering going there for a while but im set on going to the Atrium in Cardfiff next year.

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Ah yeah, i looked at guitar x, it looked good but i'm not at grade 8 i don't think, i wanted to do a course that looked at all aspects of music, because i know some have a tech element as well.

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uni is know different to college except more advance teachings and getting drunk most nights...

if you've been through college you should know the fundementals, teach yourself, uni is bollox unless you want independence and to live on the bare minimum for 3 years. its an experience thats it.

still if you want the better side of an experience....then guitar institute or guitarX
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Leeds uni is supposed to have a good degree for music

It depends what you're going for on whether you do a degree in actual music, or a degree in music performance or something like that. If you're going for something more specialist then somewhere like the ACM, or the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance would be better for you

Downside is, there's gonna be people a lot better than you there, in all likelihood
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They say Huddersfield Uni is good, but apparently that's all its good for. And I come from Huddersfield, it's a nice town but I'd recommend a Campus Uni really.
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Im at UWE studying audio & music technology, its a pretty sweet campus with some good facilities and i was suprised how much music performance is based on my course which is never a bad thing, the only downside is they have included computer programming. They also offer a creative music technology course which has far more composition! Also Bristol has just opened its own BIMM (as opposed to the brighton institute for modern music) both which i'd recommend looking at!