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Reminds me of that drunkard who ran out of beer... he was so desperate, he drank furniture polish.

He came to a horrible end... but a beautiful finish.
thers no impact or umph if you know what i meen put still keep it up
This is a MotherFxcking Invatation
thanks for the comments

i redid the rhythm track and added a lead track, check it out, sounds much better
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thanks for the crit man.. and nice song title hahaha, brings back some memories. i dont think quality is worth critting, because by the sounds of it you were definately going for that doom sound, and you pretty much got it :P the leads could be a bit more interesting, but they fit for the most part. nice work
Pretty solid piece overall, at the start it felt like it was building up to something that didn't come until near the end. being an instrumental, I think a solo and/or a kind of epic climax would fit quite well somewhere. But of course that's just my opinion adn you may not want that.

Thanks for critting mine
I just wrote a doom inspired instrumental too! Except I haven't recorded an actual version yet, just a Guitar Pro midi version. No solo yet, cause I didn't write one for it.


Your piece is pretty badass I must say. I must know where you got your realistic drums from.
DFH = Drumkit From Hell?
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