As I'm trying to upgrade from my crappy RMS amp I've been looking around and researching. I'm willing to spend about AUS $1000-$1800 and understand I'm most likely going to have to buy used. The amps I've been looking at are:

Vox AC30, Fender deluxe reverb, Mesa/boogie maverick and Fender deville.

I just have a few questions about these amps.

I play classic rock, aussie pub rock, punk, country, blues and a touch of metal, so which of these amps do you feel would be the most versatile and suitable for this?

Also does anyone know the availability of these amps in Australia? I can find a Vox AC30 easy enough, however I can't seem to find the others very easily.

Does anyone have any idea of the new and used prices of the Mesa/boogie and the Fender deluxe reverb?

And my last question is, does anyone have any advice, or anything they think I should know about these amps?

This is a hell of a lot of money to me, so I wanna make the right decision. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help

Cheers, Blake.
i just got a peavey. i was loking at crate but anywhere i went they didn't have the smaller (non half-stack) ones. then my dad read a testimonial on eaveys site where some guys amp flew out of the back of his trunk, was hit at 45 mph by 2 drunk women and careeed down the road 100 yards... neeedless to say, i felt really good about buying their amp! but ive heard good reviews about vox and mesa..