This is a tale explaining the manner in which
My way of life was rotated along a Y axis until it reached a position roughly 180 degrees from that which it started
If I could have 60 seconds of your time, simply place your posterior in the selected location
And I will relate to you the details of how I was made the male monarch of the district of the City of Los Angeles, California commonly referred to as Bel-Air (coordinates 34.08333 -118.44778)

In the western region of the “City of Brotherly Love” known as Philadelphia my mother expelled me from her womb and indeed that is also where I spent my childhood in my mother’s care
The majority of my time was spent in a recreational area containing such diversions as a jungle gym, swing set, sand box, etc.
I was typically at the height of leisure while frequently at a temperature slightly below what might be considered standard room temperature
Outside of my educational institution I was engaging in a game of basketball with some of my friends
When a couple of gentlemen who seemed to be of the disposition to cause a great deal of mischief
Began causing a great deal of chaos and disharmony in the area in which I lived I was involved in one rather small bout of fisticuffs after which my mother became concerned for my general safety and well-being
And she informed me that I would be moving in with her sister and her sister’s husband in the previously mentioned community of Bel-Air

I implored my mother to relent approximately 24-48 hours ago
Yet she gathered my belongings in a somewhat flat, rectangular shaped piece of luggage and expelled me from her presence
She placed her lips upon my cheek in an affectionate manner and handed me a pre-purchased pass for public transportation
I placed the headphones for my personal music system into my ears and verbalized the idea that I may as well impact this situation with my foot

Traveling in the highest available level of comfort, this is indeed an unfortunate situation (although I make this statement with some irony)
Consuming the juices obtained by the squeezing of the fruit of a Citrus sinensis from a piece of glass stemware commonly reserved for the sipping of sparkling wine originating from the Champagne region of France
I pause to wonder if this is indeed how the residents of the admittedly upper-class neighborhood of Bel-Air commonly live
Indeed I find this situation may be rather to my enjoyment

I puckered my lips and exhaled forcefully to produce a shrill note in order to gain the attention of a taxicab driver and as the driver approached
I observed his California vanity plate which in place of the traditional jumble of alpha-numeric characters, used only the letters F, R, E, S, and H, spelling out the word “fresh” and from his rearview mirror dangled a pair of oversized, fur-covered cubes decorated to look like the six-sided dice commonly used in gambling and board games
In such a situation I could have made a statement about the unusualness of this particular taxicab to the point of it being nearly unique
Instead I cogitatively decided against it and instead informed the driver that he should deliver me to what was to become my new home in the community of Bel-Air

We pulled up to a large domicile sometime between the hours of 7 and 8 o’clock
And in a loud tone of voice I informed the cab driver that at some undetermined point in the future I would again detect his odor through my sense of olfaction
I gazed about the region of land that I was destined to rule, reflecting on my arrival
Where I would claim my rightful place upon the throne, from which I would govern the community of Bel-Air as monarch

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Find a dice and assign a number to each girl. Throw the dice.

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It's also what you call copy and pasting.
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I believe this is what you call sucking the humour and entertainment value out of something.

I think it's hilarious.
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Copypasta but funny nonetheless.
When people are free to do as they please
they usually imitate each other
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My way of life was rotated along a Y axis until it reached a position roughly 180 degrees from that which it started

This would be back-to-front, not upside-down.

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Very funny, but it lacked punctuation.
Tries to be smart, but it's missing the closure to each sentence.
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Fail, your life would have been rotated around the z axis. You could rotate around the x but it would leave you facing the wrong way.

Meh, define your own damn coordinate system.

I thought this was pretty funny.
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I have to be honest i thought it was really good as well even if it is copypasta'd i haven't seen it before :p.
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yeaaaaa, i love you zenmaestro in a non gay way

^Of course Venom, everybody does.

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This guy knows the score.

You see? Someone knows the score.
If you're going to copy-paste something then at least say you are so you don't look like a ****ing douche trying to steal credit for shit you didn't do.
you have made very happy
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