Ok recently my son Eric gave me this effects pedal box called extreme by ART dated 1995, ART stands for Applied Research and Technology INC. company was based in Rochester New York . Its heavy with 2 pedals metal casing and a effects dial with 12setting range from distortion to phase shifting and delay . It lights up but that's it any one heard of it ? Is there a repair kit for it out there ? Mudd
...I think a friend of mine _might_ have the same pedal, not completely sure. But anyway, I doubt there's a repair kit for it since I don't think there are repair kits for any pedal. At least I haven't heard of them. You could try taking it to a tech or opening it up to see what's wrong, but since it's a multi-effects pedal, chances are it can't be fixed.
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I did open it don't see anything wrong its a circuit board , They sell stuff on ebay for Boss and DOD books and stuff ..
Check their website for a manual? I know ART stuff around that time started to drop in quality. The SGE Mach II's had a lot of issues in particular. Try seeing if their is anyway to do a factory reset. A lot of ART stuff used an internal system battery to store settings that runs down over the years it is not used. Thus, it does stuff like that when you start it. Run it for awhile after resetting it (couple weeks) and the battery should get a decent charge on it so that you can turn it off for short periods of time without it going haywire.
Joe Walsh fan cool . I don't see a battery tho I use a 9 volt power supply plugged in the back ..
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Joe Walsh fan cool . I don't see a battery tho I use a 9 volt power supply plugged in the back ..

The battery is internal. Don't worry about taking it apart to fix it, just try and find a manual and see if there is a factory reset button combination.
No, what I'm saying is it has a battery on the inside that provides just enough juice to store settings when you disconnect the power. It's probably dead and needs recharge. Plug the pedal in, and perform the factory reset as mentioned in the manual. Then, just leave it plugged in awhile so next time you disconnect the power, it should come on as it was and not need reset.

The manual: http://www.artproaudio.com/downloads/manuals/disc_omxtreme_plus.pdf