So, Hi everyone!

There's a slight change to the way we title threads now in Gear Ads, in light of the overwhelming demand for country specific gear ads we've met a compromise of sorts. From now on everyone posting a thread should include the following in the title:

The item itself, the asking price, and your country of residence. e.g.
Line 6 Spider III Amp - £300 - UK Only

It might be worth using two additional words: 'Only' to signify you will only ship within that country. And 'based' to signify you will ship abroad, but that the packaging cost might be more.
This would mean people can easily see where said item is and be able to skip that item because it is in the states and not the UK.

As users of the forum you have a responsibilty to help others get used to this change.

Thanks everyone

The Gear Ads Mod Team
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what do you think of including things like WTB, WTS, WTT, WTTF? This would increase browsing efficiency as well.
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What about users selling multiple items in a single thread? There wouldn't be enough room to list and price five different items in the title. Should the user just keep one item per thread?
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