imo yes they are.
Playing on some new gear....review to follow
****ing god no.

please invest your money into an amp, you have an adequate guitar.

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ummm, yes BUT you have a crap amp so it wont make a difference really. Look for a better amp first, your Jackson is better then that

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I'm not looking into buying it, i'm just looking at the price for the two and wondering if its a good deal. Besides, GC modded my DXMG to shit...take a look at it in my profile.

AND i'm getting the Vypyr 30 on the 25th.
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Its not i played one at guitar center and the fret work was terrible and it feels really flimsy and toy. Your Jackson is superior in every way.
First of all they suck

Second, the guitar new is 220 bucks, and the pedal sucks too.

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