hello, i just moved into a 3 floor apartment complex and i was wondering if any of your guys can help me out.

what are solutions i can use to prevent my neighbors downstairs from hearing my bass?
thank you!
Don't play it loudly, only loud enough so you can hear.

It's going to resonate through the floor anyway so I think all you can do is try to minimise it.
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Your kinda screwed playing through your amp. Best would be to put a pad under and get the amp right off the floors entirely. That would help. I'm in a townhouse complex myself so I got neighbours on either side. I find I'll play loud during teh day/early evening when people are doing things so I don't bother em as much. As it gets later I'll plug headphones into my amp and play that way. As an added plus you can really hear how you sound clearly in headphones..you'll be able to tell if your getting it perfect yet.
would it help if i were to put my amp on a couch? thanks for your ideas though.
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would it help if i were to put my amp on a couch? thanks for your ideas though.

For the vibrations yeah, that should cancel them out.
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would it help if i were to put my amp on a couch? thanks for your ideas though.

I think so.

If not try getting a load of old carpet to put your amp on.

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Headphones also give a really clear sound quality. They don't have the rumble when you play, but damn they are good for noticing mistakes in your playing.
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Talk to them. Be honest with them. Introduce yourself and tell them that you play bass and don't want it to be a problem for them. Ask typical times when they go to bed, go out, whatever. Even if you dont follow their time schedule, they at least think you care and will more than likely be more forgiving about the situation. Lastly, tell them if they have a problem with it being too loud/annoying, to simply tell you. You know... like give a little knock on your door and hopefully they will ask you nicely to turn it down. I've been living in an apartment for a couple years with neighbors bellow me. This will always impress them and you make some physically close friends. Maybe if they have a party they'll invite you! hah
Buy a small multi effects board, Korg AXB3000 ftw. The run your MP3 player/computer/walkman/whatever to the board. Then plug in some headphones.


You can hear yourself, and the song your practicing with, without bothering the neighbors!Thats what my parents made me do cause I was playing way to loud.
They invented the practice amp a long time ago.
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thanks everyone, kooldac's idea sounds good. thanks! and also the amp i got here is a practice practice amp.... i would of got the lady really pissed off if i brought my ampeg classic head and cab. haha.