Here's what's up for sale. Not looking for trades, pics upon request.

Laney VH100R FJA Modded - 7/10 cosmetically, noise gate mod. $800 shipped.

Mesa Recto 412 Slant - 8/10 cosmetically, Tuki cover, older 280w version. $550, no shipping for WI and MN.

PedalTrain Pro Hardcase - 8.5/10 cosmetically, velcro on board, no mods. $225, no shipping for WI and MN.

Genz Benz G-Flex 212 - 9/10 cosmetically. $350 + shipping.

PRS Tremonti SE - 9.5/10 cosmetically, mint. $400 shipped.

Xotic AC Booster - 9/10 cosmetically, limited edition Chrome finish. $150 shipped.

BOSS GE-7 Sniper Modded - 10/10 cosmetically, with box and papers. $100 shipped.

BOSS CS-3 Compression/Sustainer - New in Box. $75 shipped.

Aria Pro II Digital Delay - New in Box. $50 shipped.

BYOC Delay w/FX loop - 9/10 cosmetically, Hammond enclosure, red swirl finish. $125 shipped.

E13 Truly Beautiful Disaster - 9/10 cosmetically, photo eye, not production model by OoLaLa, original box. $300 shipped.

BBE Green Screamer - 9.5/10 cosmetically, Tubescreamer clone, box and papers. $75 shipped.

Marshall Guv'Nor GV-2 - 9/10 cosmetically, box. $60 shipped.
Can I see a pic of the BYOC delay? What features does it have?

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Can I see a pic of the BYOC delay? What features does it have?

Could you PM me some more details about the Aria Pro II Digital Delay?
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I may be interested Im not sure, but proably not. Free bump either way I'll contact you when/if I make up my mind ha