Hi guys, hope there are some kind, intelligent people out there who are willing to help a noobie with some general and specific questions. I know it's a lot to read but I'm trying to be as specific as possible with my questions so that you guys can help me easier.

Alright, I just bought a new guitar, upgrading from a fender strat. I bought an LTD Viper-400, hoping to produce higher quality distortion sounds through Guitar Rig. Unfortunately, not only am I experiencing problems with Guitar Rig, but when it does work, the sound quality is exactly the same as my old guitar along with the same latency. (I didn't expect latency to change)...

Let me give you some information about my setup so you all can maybe better assist me.

My computer is running a Gigabyte P35C-DS3R motherboard and I am using the on-board HD sound card, along with 'Realtek HD Sound Manager" software. I currently have Logitech 5.1 Speakers which can be seen Here. These speakers are plugged into my sound card, which has the following ports:
Front: Headphones, Mic-in
Back: C/Sub, Lb/Rb (Rear), L/R (Front), Line-In (Guitar Rig doesn't recognize this) and Mic-In (I currently play guitar through this port with an adapter.) It also has Digital input and output (S/PDIF)

I am using Guitar Rig 2 and 3, along with ASIO4ALL. Latency in Guitar Rig is 13ms. What I am trying to accomplish here, is higher quality audio, with lower latency while playing Guitar. If I am able to take the monitors that I buy (if I need monitors) with my laptop and external sound device and rock out anywhere, that's an added bonus. (Laptop is running Vista and has a horrible on-board sound card.)

I'm willing to spend under $150 on an external sound device (if it will make a large improvement), and an undefined amount on sound monitors depending on recommendations and personal research along with compatibility and sound quality compared to my current Logitech 5.1 setup.

I've been recommended to buy an M-Audio Fast Track USB. Anyone have opinions on this? How does this compare to similar devices? What do you recommend? What about the M-Audio MobilePre USB?...I want a USB rather than Firewire, because neither my desktop, or my laptop and 3 other laptops I've inspected have firewire ports.

I have some questions that are aimed towards this device I'd like to ask: First, is there a device similar with 2 guitar inputs? Is there any disadvantages to this? Will playing 2 guitars through Guitar Rig be possible? Second, when I have this, I plug it into a USB port obviously, and I plug the guitar into it, however, I also noticed there are jacks for the monitors (which I don't have...I just have the logitech 5.1 setup.) Is it possible to use this without plugging monitors directly into it? Will there be any latency or quality differences?

If I do buy monitors, I have the following questions: What should I buy? I am not a professional looking for professional quality, I am just messing around and having a good time, but tired of **** quality.

How big of a difference in sound quality will I see from switching from these logitech speakers to some monitors? I like my logitech sound setup, it's got good sound quality, crappy base though. But I mean overall it gets really loud and doesn't lose much quality as it gets louder.

To anyone who read all the way through this and is considering helping me out by posting information, you don't know how appreciative I am. I am so tired of searching for answers and coming to dead ends so I figured I'd ask the knowledgeable.

Thanks so much.
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