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i want to try a new whiskey and i'm considering Jack daniel's. what is the general opinion on this whiskey ?

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I had this little chocolate thing with JD in the middle, it didn't mix well, but also I didn't like the drink.

It tasted quite bitter, which isn't to my personal taste.
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Try a proper whisky.
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it's ok but by far not the best. If you haven't before, try southern comfort, jim beam or famous grouse. Glenfiddich and glenmorangie are pretty good if you wanna go for more expensive whiskeys.
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Crap, I recommend Gibson's finest.
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Its pretty nice with coke. Over-popularized because of the cool logo (partly) but that doesnt mean its not good.

I also like SoCo, Amaretto and lemonade
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its niiiiiiiiice, but tbf there are alot of nicer drinks, even nicer whiskeys/whiskys
its only so popular because it has a rock and roll image...
i love it in fact i got two mini bottles...might get drinking soon
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It's so Smirnoff vodka or Gordon's gin.

It's pretty good with Dr Pepper though.
s'not whiskey, anyways, it's only good with coke
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Pretty bad for a whiskey. If you're drinking to enjoy, rather than to get drunk, then I'd avoid it.
a good whiskey for a good price is Early Times. its relatively cheap and it tastes great
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It's gooood, probably not the best whiskey about but I enjoy it and that's the main thing I guess.
for someone that knows whiskey.... nah... but ok for the price...

now Johnny Red Label is THE bang for the buck.... IJW
i only drink vodka. but when i used to drink whiskey, i favored southern comfort
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Id go with Jim Beam or Wild Turkey over Jack any day.
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mmm... jacky d.. best drank strait maybe with ice. Paddy's ol Irish whisky is where its at boys! get it inta ya!
i used to love it. whenever we'd go out on the weekend, i'd get myself a fifth and take my time with it. but that was last year, and i was drinking a lot of hard liquor anyways. but i did like it a lot. i've lost my taste for liquor since then though.

maker's mark is a great whiskey though. i'd def say it's better than jack.
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i only drink vodka. but when i used to drink whiskey, i favored southern comfort

pretty much my thoughts.

JD is alright if you don't mind the taste, personally i used to love whiskey, but then i all of a sudden started not to like it because of the taste after trying other alcohols.
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When it comes to whisk(e)y drink single malt scotch or go home. I tried Jack once, disgusting compared to the other whiskies that were on offer that night.

Of course if you don't care for the taste and are drinking to get wrecked then it's fine, though still phenomenally overrated. It gets by on the brand name alone, not on quality.
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I love it. Love it love it love it.

And it tastes amazing when you're kissing people.



I hate it when people mix it though.
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Man I hate JD, its ok with mixes but **** drinking it straight. My whiskey is Lord Calvert. But I have a friend who is in love with JD, I have seen him drink a bottle of the stuff straight within a half n hour. Can't see how he did it.
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now Johnny Red Label is THE bang for the buck.... IJW

O_o ?! WTF? Red Label is probably the shittiest liquid there is, maybe second only to an old fat chick's piss, but even that's arguable. I mean, Red Label is just... awful, plain and simple.
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I remember one of the first times I drank and I had a lot of Jack. Not a good idea. Whiskey is disgusting. I prefer rum and Jack is a little overrated I probably would choose Jim Beam over it.
Jack Daniels is to hard liquor what Metallica are to metal.

Mainstream and immensely overrated; but not at all bad.
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