Hey guys, my band was composed of A rhythm guitarist, a lead guitarist (me), a drumer and a pianist, the rhythm guitarist was also going to be the vocalist. we wrote about 6-7 complete song with everything done exept lyrics.

Now the pianist was kicked out for being inmature and not serious enough. Next, the drummer was kicked out because he didn't have a drum kit and never had time and didn't seem to care wether we practiced or not.

Anyway now there's me, the rhythm guitarist, 5 almost complete songs, no time becuase of school and a guy who might want to be the new piano player who has been playing for a year.

it all seems so chaotic,could you guys plz help me get everything back in order? Any help would be grealy apreciated.
I'm a singer and Rythem guitarist and Writing lyrics is very very very very hard and it will take a while just wait it out dude You need to be inspired to write lyrics and maybe he isn't and bug him to write lyrics it helps
that comes with starting a band. i would explain the chaos in my band to you, but there isn't enough space on the internet.

the lyrics actually are a problem.
you should fiund a bassist, get somebody who's willing to play drums (not as hard as it sounds,) and maybe reinstate the piano guy if he would come back. i mean, if immature is his only problem, then he should be in a band. then sit down by yourself, with the rythym guitarist, with the whole band, whatever works, and focus on lyrics. and make sure everybody who joins understands how dedicated that person has to be to practicing. cuz that could become a real problem.
immaturity is big in my band it's horrible you gotta rely on the singer(because he has a mic) to tell everybody to shut the **** up. Or yell it into the mic yourself.....Drummers are a bitch you will never get them to stop playing they will always be inmature
get a bassist?
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someone needs to take charge.
set time for your band that everyone is ok with. only get involved with serious people.
record some kind of demo even if parts are midi based, at least it'll get get interest from other musicians.
okay to answer a few questions: after next week I have 2 weeks of holiday, hopefully enough time to writ lyrics, we kicked out the pianist for a lot of reasons, he was inmature, he was too young which would keep us away from gigs at bars where I live (minimum 16 the pianist is 13) and the biggest reason is that the other guitarist who founded the band with me doesn't like the pianist. Now for the drumer, he never calls to see when we should practice, everytime I call and he actually aanswers the phone, he says he will call back and then doesn't, I think he didn't find the band of any importance.
First of all, if you have commitments to sschool you need to orgainse a pre agreed time that everyone agrees to be availible for practice. That sets up a routine and it also gives you something to look forward to. Ours is a friday.... nothing like looking forward to that to get you through college.

Start putting up notices on local notice boards, here on UG, in music shops, gumtree, classifieds, looking for a drummer. The upside of getting someone from an ad, is that if they went to the trouble of responding to an ad, they will prob have the comittment to practice at least once a week. Also try and befriend local musicians at gigs, they might know somebody. While you are looking for the drummer, get the potential pianist to learn the five songs that you already have written.

Once you have your last few members. Organise a band meeting. During this band meeting, try and decide the direction you want the band to go in, orgainse the time for practice, and then get down to the fun part of making "fine fine music"