My brother was trying to watch wrestling videos online last wednesday, and since then, we've been having a lot of issues with our computer
he's 10, so I'm guessing he unknowingly downloaded something to our computer.
It started as pop-ups advertising anti-virus software, and now it's turned to constant "warning" messages about viruses on our computer, new desktop icons (advertising mal-ware defenders, system error fixing, and pornography), the disappearence of "All Programs" and other items in my 'Start' menue, and worst of all, I can't manually access my C drive.
I've been running McAffee and AVG Anti-Virus since Thursday, and though I've deleted a lot of adware, viruses, etc., the effects continue
I really need help, because at the moment, I can't access my GuitarPro program or files or my iTunes
Are you sure he was watching wrestling videos? 10 year olds can be malicously horny you know...
Quote by NKF176
Are you sure he was watching wrestling videos? 10 year olds can be malicously horny you know...

It was probably lesbian mud wrestling....
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He was watching pr0nz!

Make him pay by taping his eyelids open and making him watch 12 straight hours of scat pr0n!

On topic, I cant help you I'm afraid
Do the scans the person said above, but run them in safe mode.
Best thing to do really.
All i can say to do really, cause thats all i know

Safe mode scans allow the virus to stay in one place cause it has nothing to attack as nothing is active in safe mode, so the scan can delete the file all at once.
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Sounds like the "Windows Vista Antivirus 2008" virus. You're pretty much screwed it's really hard to get rid of, I had to wipe my hard drive!
hey, thanx guys.
pretty much paniced and forgot all about System restore
got it all taken care of
once again, the Pit comes to the rescue
Good, now don't let him use the computer again.

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