I'm a singer/songwriter/composer (who also happens to play the piano well) living in Mansfield, Notts and I'd love to try and put a band together (perhaps heading towards 'making it'?).

Option 1: A group of singers/performers - at the moment I'm up for anything because I've got experience in most areas. I'd have to colaborate on the songwriting here because I'm better at the music side than the lyrics unless it's in the type of song mentioned below. Perhaps I've been watching too much X-Factor but I think it would be fun to try the sort of groups they have on there (ie. just singers/dancers).

Option 2: A band in the traditional sense - as in, all playing instruments. My influences for writing in this sense include Al Stewart, Mike Oldfield, Jamie Cullum, Tenpole Tudor.

Oh, and I'm 20 and female. Just thought I'd get that out the way.

I'd prefer over-18s simply because that'd be a lot easier if we had gigs anywhere.
Completely off topic but my old neighbours moved to Mansfield years ago. I have family who live in Aspley in nottingham too. good luck in finding your band members.