Hey guys, i was wonderin' if you could help me. I wanna know bout' the quality of the epiphone les paul standards. On most websites it basically says nothing, what machineheads are on them? and just general info on whether there actually any good.

I had an epi les paul standard plus top cherry burst and i really liked it. It didnt feel as heavy as a gibson , and duncan or dimarzios would suond even better, but hey im not slash. i cant recall what tuners it had but mine worked fine. the tops are vaneer but its still a maple top. i wouldnt compare it to a 59 vos but for the price its a quality instrument.
They have Grover 18:1 rotomatics (imo, great tuners), and they're well built. Solid 3 piece mahogany body. But honestly after the recent price increase I have to say they're grossly overpriced. If you want a similar guitar (probably better) for a bit less, look into an Agile AL-3000 or 3100.
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