hey guyz
i`m confused
here`s some guitars that i`m thinking of "all brand new"

1- ibanez rg450ltd for 600$ japan made
2- ibanez rg2570z for 1150$ japan made
3- ibanez xpt700 for 750$ korea made
4- ibanez sa260fm for 370$ china made

i have no idea bout the rg450ltd so can u tell me bout it if u kno plz? like does it have edge pro or edge proII? and 5pc neck?

i was gettin rg2570z but if rg450ltd has the same neck and edge pro,,,that would change my mind though

i live outside US btw
so hope u gimme ur opinion and help me chosing the best " i play progressive metal and i`m a lead guitar player and gonna use the guitar with roland cube30x "