Can anyone tab Damian Marley's 'Pimpass Paradise'? The classical guitar part throughout the song is possibly the most beautiful guitar I've ever heard. Listen to the whole song concentrating on the guitar. It gets pretty amazing. If anyone is up for the challenge, I would be forever indebted to you! Thanks in advance.
really? I heard the songs a million times before i clicked into the guitar part. before it was just in the background and it worked with the song but now it IS the song for me... did you hear the guitar closer to the end of the song where he gets into the solos? man... i cant get enough of it. i'd pay to see a video of anyone trying it.
and let me just say i guess that i'm into the classical and spanish guitar stuff... maybe that would better explain my claim
It's really simple. I'm sure most people here could play it easily(including those "solos" you speak of). I'm not much of a tab-er, so I couldn't really help you out. Good luck trying to get someone to tab it out though.
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well thanks anyways man but i respectfully disagree. i know quite a few really good fingerpicking-type guitarists but none can figure out this song. dont get me wrong i can play most of the song because its just a couple riffs over and over but once he starts with the solos i'm out. But again, thanks anyway.