Im not a person who likes to go about making fun of people who arn't good at things, but seriously some of the tabs i've come across on this site make me think that there must be some sort loophole in the tab approval system.

I mean check out these:

The Strokes - Soma

Police - Every step you take

The Strokes - Hard to Explain

These pretty much sound like the person who tabbed them has some sort of pitch shifting parasite in their ears.

Post any other retarded tabs here for lulz and giggles. Only actual retarded tabs though, not just crap tabs. Crap tabs are ok, because at least the person has had a half reasonable attempt at tabbing the song. Retarded tabs actually make you question whether the tabber is retarded.

Again, i don't mean to sound like an e-bully, but this is really bugging me.

Are You Shpongled..?
This one wins the award for worst tab:

Suicidal Tendencies - Send me your Money Bass Tab
the only good tabs are obviously copied out of books/magazines most of the time
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