I've been at this guitar thing for almost a year now. My main focus has been learning scales and basic theory. Im at the point now where I can do all of my scales at 180bpm. Most of the scales I know well are pattern scales. (major/minor pentatonic, blues, 5 shapes) I know the notes that comprise the scales (so I can do them in non pattern form), but I cant do those nearly as fast.

Anyhow, I know the resident expert (Mr. Seagull) usually tells folks that doing scales just to do them and patterns especially are a waste. I see his point, but for me it has really helped my dexterity, and developing my ear.

So, from a musical/playing standpoint are patterns worthless?
no and yes , there good for improving your technical ability and theory BUT if you plan to write a song or a solo noone wants to hear a pattern repeated over and over again. So aslong as you know what sounds good and not boring keep going.
well, if you don't know the theory behind why the notes are in those specific patterns, and how to apply them to improvisation or songwriting, then they basically are useless.
^^What the ****? You know you can modify and combine scales right? you don't play a scale just dry like it is between the frets where you let's say practice it. It's actually a "map" over what notes sound good to hit in your "solo"

No they aren't worthless. They are great....but to learn them just for sake of learning them is useless. IF you actually have a goal to complete with those then it can be the greatest thing ever. Like when i learned my first scales and learned to play solos that way and then i practice patterns to get ideas to build my solos on.
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nope, scales help alot especially when you are trying to solo. Not to mention that they train your fingers the faster you play them! scales are great but can sometimes be boring. If you read some tabs to some songs you love you will diffienetly find scales in their solos!
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You shouldn't dismiss anything as simply "worthless". Sounds like you need to work on blending patterns and scales to actually create music, instead of just a series of notes. Scales and patterns can be useful, as they give you a framework within which you can work, but you shouldn't be afraid to step outside them when you feel like it.
Well, lets put it this way, you'd be stuffed in a band situation if all you could do was scales but they are necessary.