OK so i have been looking to get a 5 string but I need some help finding the right one. I plan on spending between 1000-1500(canadian)
1000-1500$ is too much money i think for a person on the internet to be recomending because its all about what you like in a bass. Try out the basses in your local shop and base your opinion on those basses. Instead of something people say is good which they might have a totally different taste in basses than you, when you get it you'll be disappointed. Schecter stilletos are a very good bass for the a cheaper price if your looking to low ball it. But if your willing to spend 1500$ i would look at some Spector brand basses.
Referring to Victor Wooten
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Tryout evreything spend money on a train ticket to try out evreything. there's alot of excellent bass's out there for that price. Considering you went i want a 5 string ill spend this much why dont you get a squire and spend the rest on pedals and the other stuff youll need. Be alot more specific what do you want out of the bass, What are your favourite tonewoods. What music do you play. What pickups do you like.
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Fender American made p-bass for sure.

I just got one myself with a used Eden amp, sounds amazing.