I know I'm gonna sound like a complete noob for asking this, but idc. What's it mean when a guitar is a B-Stock guitar?
Means the guitar could of been Ex-Demo or it may be damaged etc

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It means it may have a dent or something
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most of the time, theres just a tiny cosmetic default, often not even noticeable, but with the default, nomatter how small, they have to either sell it at a discount or throw it away...
yea, there good deals, and there cant be anything wrong with it (internally) that would make a differnce in the sound, maybe just a little scatch under the fretboard or somethin.
They've usually got a little scratch, but that's not all... if that was the case, it would be labelled as "blemished."

It's a guitar that was returned, but is in good/fair condition and works perfectly.

Just think about it... "B"stock...