hi i have been studying the riffs of metallica, death and emperor, what are other bands that has amazing riffs
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Dream Theater, Tool, Rage Against the Machine
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no metal band has amazing metal riffs.

porcupine tree have amazing metal riffs. sometimes.

but they're not metal.
Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza has a great riff in Cliff Burton Surprise. I really like the intro riff, its really catchy. Atreyu has some cool riffs, altho it seems like Right Side of the Bed is really similar to an In Flames riff.
kmfdm - drug against war
ministry - tv2 (quite possibly the fastest most metal riff i've ever heard)
Decapitated,Necrophagist,Dying Fetus and Nile for death metal.

For trash metal,try Pantera,Damageplan,Kreator and Demiricous.
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