The last riff in Micro Cuts by Muse is ****ing beastly!!

That riff sounds so huge, I know that it's all about the mix of all the instruments in the band that gives it that power, but i was wondering how i could get that tone that matt bellamy is getting towards the end anyways, because possibly with that tone, then my band could achieve the same power that they do (we're also a trio)

I noticed that (not only on micro cuts, but many songs, especially live) Bellamy has a very "new strings" sound to his tone. and also, i'm sure he's using a good amount of gain, but i don't hear any annoying crunchiness coming from his tone.

I've been wondering for the longest time how i can achieve a tone SIMILAR to that of his tone, i don't care for it being exact, just close enough to where i can shape it to my likings (i DO like his tone though)

The last riff in Micro Cuts is the best recorded example i can find of this tone that I'm talking about
heres a good live example


listen to his tone around 00:43-00:58 as he slowly releases his muting. his notes aren't being muddied together.
and around 1:15-1:23, this is what i mean by "new strings" sounding, and his gain isn't clouding his notes once again
actually the whole song throughout the vid from that point on shows off the tone i'm talking about

his tone back in the early days of muse (those eurocks and early glastonbury videos) sounded full of bass and not alot of gain, but plenty of volume, but it isn't as clear sounding as his tone nowadays, which is what i'm aiming for