Ok so ive not been playing long, when i was learning the basic open chords it took me a bit of time to get them right but in the end i did. It took me a couple of days to really nail each chord. But there is one chord that i really cannot get right, the F chord. Is it normal for it to take over 2 weeks just practising one chord and still not get it right ?
Yeah, it's a thing everyone goes through.
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everyone plays differently so whats normal for some isn't normal for others, but the f is rather tricky so just stick to it and once you master it youc an laugh at it. the B chord is the one that got me, i found it tricky, dont know why
At the moment i am playing the chord with my 1st finger covering the e and b strings, 2nd finger on the G string and my 3rd finger on the D string. Is it better to play it as a barre chord ? What im trying to say is, will it help me in the future to get used to playing it as a barre chord ?
|1-1-2-3-3-1| <- barre
e b g d a E
but thats usually harder. also youll find that moving for C to F is a lot easier so if u want to start out with easy alternations try that.

edit; and ur fingering the chord right, well thats how i do it
Ok thank you for your advice. Good to know that im not the only one who has had trouble with this.
dont worry, every beginner has trouble with the F chord, i know i did, just keep practicing it, practice stretching your index, make sure its touching all of the strings, practice changing between each chord then after a while you'll be laughing at how easy it is
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It took me more than 2 weeks... maybe cuz i didnt really practice it. It just came to me.
The f chord is one of the more unusual chords out there for beginners. Although you can actually play it on the first fret if you move up the E major shape and barre fret one:

I can play a barre F better than a standard F
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try playing it with your thumb over the E string, using your index finger only for the B and high E stings if you're having trouble with it.

Also, F is the hardest bar chord there is (apart from some really weird ones that are rarely used). When you move bar chords up the string they're easier because the string tension is lower there. Try practicing them around the 7th fret or so. The tension is lowest at the 12th fret, but that gets tricky because the frets are so small.
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F is the only standard chord (besides flats or sharps), that can't be played with an open string. because it is one semi-tone higher than E (the standard key for guitar), none of the open strings are considered to be in key with F. some exceptions arise in certain musical situations, but it's safe to say that you can't play a regular F major chord on the guitar with any open strings.

therefore, it's the first barre chord that most beginning guitarists run into. barre chords are tricky for new players, therefore they all hit a learning curve that takes a few weeks of hard work to get around.

such is life. keep at 'er!