Recently, i have noticed a pawn shop down the road from me has a guitar which is very similar in appearence to the Ibanez JEM (the over the top inlays, the monkey grip and the pearl colour pick gaurd). However, it only have 3 single coil pick ups, a licensed floyd rose and there was no name on the headstock. While someone could have removed the name (i dont see why theyd bother but it wouldnt be hard) i couldnt see any JEMs on the ibanez website with all single coils.
So what are your thaughts on this? Is it someone convincing copy? Or do ibanez not put all variations on their website?
All help appriciated.
somoene has bought a jem body (easy to find) and other parts and put them together
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Probably a copy, check the back of the headstock.
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a copy, but id stil get it if its cheap
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Unless Vai has sold his SSS Jem it'll be a copy someone's made.
But it could be a decent "homemade" job rather than a chinese copy, try it, if it's good it might come in handy