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We have ALWAYS practiced safe sex. But, about 3 months ago, for some reason unbeknownst to me, my girlfriend had a bad *feeling* about things and so she took the morning after pill, aka plan b, an emergency contraceptive. Then, a little over a month ago, she decided she was going to get the birth control shot. So, she scheduled an appointment and they gave her some pills to take to prepare her body for the shot. She took those pills, but never actually went to get the shot. Now her period is three weeks late, so she went and bought a pregnancy test and she told me she couldn't tell what the result was because it looked like a mix in between negative and positive. She threw the test away before I could take a look at it. She also has a history of ovarian cysts which have caused her to miss periods before, but that wouldn't explain the inconclusive results of the pregnancy test.

My question is, would either the morning after pill or the pill to prep her for the birth control shot cause her to miss her period and/or make a pregnancy test not come back clearly negative?

Does anyone have any insight or experience with this before? I'm a little nervous and for some reason she refuses to call the doctor or go to the hospital...
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do another test?
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A lot of birth control can make her periods less frequent or barely noticeable, the people who gave her the shot should have explained this too her, just as she should have asked about side effects and how it affects her menstruation cycle.
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they might have had an effect on it... ive known girls who have gone through this before. a couple of my girlfriends have had these issues as well... one missed her period for a month, but she finally got it later on. id say i dont think shes pregnant, but it would be best if you two went and found out very soon. you dont want any surprises down the road. honestly though, i really dont think that is the case.
Tests aren't very reliable i've heard. Take some more tests but get a few different brands. I've also heard the cheaper ones were actually more accurate. But thats just what I've heard.
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Normally, if she took the morning after pill, this is supposed to flush everything in the uterus.

If I was her, I'd go to the doctor.

If she's actually pregnant == Abortion ASAP.
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Birth control medication, especially when mixed (as in your situation) can disrupt a girl's menstrual cycle and cause it to be very late or stronger/weaker than usual.

This, combined with the history of ovarian cysts, would mean you probably have nothing to worry about. Still, get it checked out to be sure.
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so she went and bought a pregnancy test and she told me she couldn't tell what the result was because it looked like a mix in between negative and positive.

You're having a little girl. The pregnancy test wasn't sure if it was worth mentioning.
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