I have one witch is like a huge old fashoned whisky bottle, I think it used to be in a pub.

Anyway I've been filling mine up for maybie 3 years, I can't remember exatly, just emptying all the usless change in my pockets (20p downwards)

So I was bored today when i got home since i was stil recovering from a hangover and finished all my college work. Plus I though with it been my birthday recently I'd add all my money together and see hom much I had

£101.83! In change! So thanks to that boost of money I have enough for a new amp!

So useless thread but yea
i have one
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[quote="'']I have one witch


But, on topic, no, i do not, but i may start one...
i get at least about $10 a week from doing that.
The best thing about life is knowing you put it together
I have like $300 in those state quarters, I'm gonna sell them for crack soon.
I'm doin it. The closest thing I have to a jar in my room is a Planter's Honey Roasted Peanuts Party Size bucket, but it's currently 1/3 filled with peanuts. So all I have to do now is eat all the peanuts and I'll be on my way to saving change like a bandit!!
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I have like $300 in those state quarters, I'm gonna sell them for crack soon.

what a great investment
The best thing about life is knowing you put it together
this thread was a bit stupid. and know i dont have a change jar, but i have loads of change dotted around my room.
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I only collect 10,5,1 cent coins for mine and everytime I count it (every few months) I end up with $20.

that's a case of beer!
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i keep a jar, too. it only has $60 or so now, but i took out around 20 or so, just so that i could eat and do laundry
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I've got a little container for my change. I only get about $10 US, so it's not much. But it's good enough, considering its just pocket change which would probably juts get lost.

I found two silver pennies in my collection too, three bicentennial quarters, and a bunch of pre-Abraham Lincoln-on-the-back-of-the-penny pennies. Are these worth anything?
I started one last month, emptying my wallet every Sunday. I reckon I've got a tenner in there so far. Not even remotely full.
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i'll start one depositing 5 pesos (5 cents in the states)
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Every pay check I take $10 out and put it in a jar, its my guitar jar, someday I will have enough too get a decent guitar and amp for gigging (right now my equipment leaves something to be desired)
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That's bitchin man, but I suggest you buy something more productive like a porn site subscription.
I've been doing this for awhile. I had roughly $300-400 dollars in my last pile.
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I have like $300 in those state quarters, I'm gonna sell them for crack soon.

You're selling the United States of America for crack? Sweet dude.

Damn you TS, I wish you said coin jar not change jar. Would have worked out better for me.
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I don't have a jar. I used to have a bunch of change, but I brought it to school for a battle of the grades coin drive (for charity). Now I just have small piles all over my desk.
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Incidentally I scooped about 23p into a bin bag yesterday, out of sheer laziness to sort it from the ash and like, and lack of a change jar...
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30ish a year is like worthless... if you had been putting that money in the bank the entire time... it would still be nothing lol
yea i got one. i just use it for whenever im out of money and i need smokes or something.
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