Hey, guys! I have to say, this is by far my favorite song to play before I get started in my actual playing. A sort of warm up song for me before I get into playing guitar with my buddy. After my exercises that is.

This was the first time I played over a backing track. And I decided not to do this over a Trivium song, because I'm still trying to improve my skills at metal...

But anyway, I'm not sure who did the vocals for this song, or the backing track itself....but he did a pretty damn good job! I'm thinking it might've been for GH2, though I could be very wrong.


Tell me what you think please! I'll comment back if ya want.

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yeah it is the gh2 track, but its pretty good. i think you should tighten up the distortion though, and the solo should fit the mood of the song a bit better. but overall, not bad.


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Hey bro spot on ****ing job! Ill add ya as my friend. Love the backing track f*cking awesome. Good jonb, only one prob:

Tone. The Distortion was too Heav for the song. A little less would sound exactly right

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Yeah, that was basically me tryin' to give the song my own vib, and my first attempt at a call and response solo.

To examine the tone of the sphincter? What the hell is it, a tuning fork?
sick man, nice job
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