He wrote Faith on the walls.
Hoping someone would find it,
Lost in a tempest of confusion, hate.
Somehow he found the courage to runaway.

It was like he was drifting...
In and out of his own tranquality.
Numbed by nature,
Caught by corruption.
He ran like he'd never get away.

Those letters stayed there.
Covering the walls.
Inspiring the thousands.

Like a trainwreck,
Society crumbled.
Some mumbled,
Others ignored.
Was this what these words have stored ?
Amongst the brick canvas in the front of town ?
Where is it now ?

Hidden in the mind of an artist,
Whos words spoke,
But no one listened.
Still that black tag glistens.

The Artist-"Some day the people here will need me"
As for now I'll let them read the graffiti"

Write it down.
It's pretty good. I've got to ask, did you just think of this off the top of your head, or did you see somewhere where someone had written FAITH, or what?
Anyways, if you'll do crit4crit, it's in my sig.
Thought of this of the top of my head. It fascinates me if there is a bigger purpose behind most graffit, rather than plain old acts of Vandalisim, I think sometimes there is a bigger purpose
Write it down.