soo.. aparently the first one was in the wrong place
so here it is again

hey guys, so last night i was pissed off for certian reasons, i wont really get into it, but idk why but i just picked up a pad of paper and started writing, it flowed like magic i spent a couple hours making this.. song thing..
i dont really know if its any good
and this is the first time ive used ug for writing advice,

so i read when your writing a song, its better to start off with a riff or guitar or bass intro

but does it really matter?

and the song i wrote has a bunch of full sentences but im not really sure how to voice them exactly, like heres a line from it

theres always a war im fighting on the inside and your fake hugs and smiles fuel the fire.

so how would yo go about making it short enoguh to be said at once but still have the same effect?
the wholeeeee songs like that, and dont say break it up :P
say it really fast?

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ya but were going for a soft kind song so it has to be kinda slow

ijust dont know how to voice it
maybe you could cut out some of the connector words, like try this instead,
theres always a war im fightin on the inside
your fake smiles and hugs fuel the fire
hold the i in fighitn for a little longer and dont leave much of a gap between the two phrases
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write the music, then sing/make a vocal melodie line.]

then you have to work on getting your words to fit into that melodie.

you will probably have to cut bits, add bits and change other bits completely.