Hi all!

I recently picked up an Epiphone Sheraton II. While I mostly love this guitar, the electronics leave something to be desired.

I was thinking of picking up a set of "The Mule" pickups from bareknuckle and for the wiring I was thinking about something like this from Mojo Musical Supply


So I have a few questions.

Does anyone have experience with an assembly like this? The components seem to be good quality, how is the company?

Will an ES-335 assembly fit into my Sheraton?

I'm open to any other suggestions for wiring as well.

Educate me! By the time I buy pickups and re-wire everything I'll be spending more on parts than I did on the guitar itself, so I want to make sure it's all worth the effort.

Quote by IbanezPsycho
They look nice...

Sorry man never used them and havent researched them enough to know how good they are.

I guess I'll be the beta tester then!