You probably saw this in the GBC forum. I hated the kahler tremolo, despised it. played with zero resistance, i like that tight feeling floyd rose. i sold the kahler, this is going to rot in my shop. i am selling it as a project. needs a bridge, two humbuckers, al little bit of love. has an oil finish. the maple top has a little seam in the middle due to a poor quality jointer at the time. professional fret job, plays perfect. 12'' radius, macassar ebony fretboard, locking nut, wilkinson mini roto tuners, 5-way roto switch, volume/tone pot w/ ebony caps. comes with generic neck single coil. hard maple neck, medium shape, sort of flat for a shredder feel. make your offers, but as an idea i am looking for more than 150 bucks. compare to warmoth. two crummy looking 12th fret dots, no side dots. i will ship overseas, but you WILL pay a crap load of money for the shipping and i will not gaurantee it will arrive safely. customs and air-mail are very unforgiving to packages. PM ME and bump this please.
How much are you looking to get for this?
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I think I saw this on craigslist. =/
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i'd take 200 USD + shipping. Ive got tons of feedback on paypal, verified address, and two trading/selling experiences on UG. it was on craigslist for a while, of course i got like 25 emails, but they are all like "Heres my number, call me and we will set something up" which leads too "Yeah next week i will have a day off, ill call you back then". literally over 20 times.
haha, I hear ya man. GL selling.
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What do people usually do after they **** their sisters?