Ok, first of all, neither me or my friend are very knowledgeable in the mechanics of Electric guitars, but he has turned to me with a problem. Apparently he restrung his guitar tonight but now whenever he goes for a bend it rapes the tuning and brings the string instantly out of tune. Any ideas why this might be happening? The guitar is an Ibanez and I can find out the exact model and everything if it is relevant. Thanks in advance.
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New strings go out of tune really fast..Just tune them a few times,and it should be fine.
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Yeah, when I get new strings I always tune them then stretch them by bending them really far all over the string an then tune again and repeat this until it doesn't go out of tune anymore.......
very time consuming but definatly worth it
Yeah, give the strings some time. If the weather is really humid, it causes the strings to go out of tune really bad. He needs to strech them out. What I do is pinch the string with my first figner and thumb, and gently pull up maybe half an inch above the neck, and hold it like that for a while.