our style is similar to TDWP, Greeley Estates, and As I Lay Dying

we so far have 2 guitarists.
we need screamer, a drummer, a lead guitarist, and a bassist.

we're located in Gwinnett County.

let us know if you wanna come to a practice!

umm i live in columbus and i do lead or rhythm, i can sweep pick 8 nps right now and c an play any style of music

im guessing you want an August Burns Red type thing just like every other new band here in the GA scene now?


i see a lot of GA people.
no one's interested?

together, both guitarist has had almost 17 years of guitar knowledge.
and one of the guitarist is the clean singer who's had about 10 years of vocal lessons.
I would, but I'm kinda... not good
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I love you.
we have one lead guitarist already.
i do the rhythm.
we just need another lead guitarist.

how long have you played and where in atlanta do you live?