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when on the toilet (sitting down) do you lean forward slightly hunched, or lean back against the back of the toilet?

me, i lean forward.
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Laying back if I'm just chilling listening to my Ipod...naked...and done with pooping.

Nothing wrong with relaxing
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Leaning forward gives you more aerodynamic drive.
Smooth sailing from then on out..

I stand, eat that.
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touche sir.
Leaning backwards feels unnatural.
Weird thread btw.
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I stand, eat that.

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forward, makes screaming easier...
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I stand, eat that.

well, im a half stand half sit type. i avoid splash at all costs

always forward...
but when I have some big shit coming out of my ass I'll stand up a little bit so I don't get my ass wet
haha oh the wonders of ug ... lol but agreed splash sux to the max
peronaly it usualy forward unless im tried and jsut wanna chill
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both depends what mood im in
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