One of the heaphones will just stop working. It's ridiculous. I have to get a new pair every 3 or 4 months. Any way I can prevent this?
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Im with you brother, im on the 7th pair this year. The left one ALWAYS goes out
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make sure its on your ear
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What brand are they? They may just be flimsy. Or maybe they should be handled more carefully.
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I buy mine at dollerama now, and as long as i have the EQ on trebel booster they dont sound too bad, and if they break they olny costed a buck

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I had the same problem. Just invest in some good quality ones. They may seem expensive, but it will balance out since you'll probably buy 5 pairs for the same duration you have them. Plus the sound quality will be better.
yeah i need new ones too

my left one dosent work and i have to hold the little input thing down to make it work

they're pretty crappy though
dude thats nothing. mine go out about every 3 weeks.

granted they never leave my pocket and I skate with them.
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just take better care of them. i found that out the hard way. i had those sony ones that wrapped around the ear, and i found out that the reason they kept breaking was because that whenever i pulled up on that little plastic thing that brings the wires together to keep them from tangling id do it too hard and it would always push on the earbud and it would loosen the wire. sorry for the massive run on.
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Don't throw them against the wall. That usually breaks them.

That always happens to me too, sadly, the solution is to take better care of them.... Though, for me, that would take far too much effort, and would defeat the convenience of using headphones.
With what you've told us there's not much help to be given other than don't use them (best option for maximum life-span) or to treat them better.
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Actually... who here has ipod headphones?

I won a free ipod in January 2007. My headphones are still working since then, and they've taken quite a battering (my dog chewed them, sand got in them, dropped them 45895 times, spilled drinks on them etc)

Are they all durable like that, or am I just lucky?
Take out the input jack when you roll them up on your mp3 player,
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