Hey dudes,

Does anyone know what the deal is with the Dean USA Splittail (i.e., is it for sale in North America?) They have two other models of the Splittail (both made in Korea) for sale currently but I can't find any USA models for sale (or much info about them)... there's one on eBay for $1,800 right now but thats it...

Any help would be appreciated!

say go gor the splittail floyd rather than a usa. Dean USA are really exoensive for what u pay
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i have the split tail floyd which was the first in the UK, because they are pretty much a new model to be released mate, there are also very few in prodution due to the economic problems so dont expect them to be at such a high quality with the OFR's and such stuff is my view for thier future developments.

but the USA isnt worth it i do agree with devit
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USA deans are ridiculously expensive and hard to find, I think they work from a custom shop. I only know one guitar store that has USA model deans, and it has 3 different ones. $4k each.

Don't do it. Try to find a vintage Gibson Splittail.
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thanks for all your help guys.

I'm obsessed with the Classic White color, but not the floyd rose... i wish they sold the regular splittail in that color :S but what can you do.

Thanks again!