I'm kinda interested in starting or joining one.
I can play punk, metal, and hardcore.
Garage Rock has interested me recently, so that's open too.

I play guitar. A little over 2 years experience.
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an online band sounds cool....how do we start?? i have 4 years experience and i play mostly metal stuff
Well, given that my other online band seem to have disappeared off the face of the Earth and I'm into punk/hardcore as well as grunge (my main genre), I'd be pretty keen to do some vocals and a little guitar also if youse want.
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A pretty sweet idea, ive got 3 years scream vocals experience if your interested, and 2 years experience on guitar.

Check out myspace.com/underanarchy

I played guitar and did the vocals for this band.
I am a bassist... what is happening with this so far?
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