are most solo's from rock n roll a minor scale based? like hendrix, chili peppers, zeppelin, etc.... are most of their solo's minor with variations added? I just find it easier to make halfway decent sounding solos in minor but my major ones sound horrible at all times. any suggestions?
Yes. Most hard rock solos are based on the minor pentatonic/blues scale, even over major chords.

Edit: I'm not real familiar with RHCP solos, so I can't comment on them. Guys like Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, SRV, Joe Perry (Aerosmith), and Slash heavily use the minor pentatonic/blues scale, though.
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the solo really depends on the vibe of the song.

most? probably. All? not even close, any good band has a variety of styles in their music. If they dont they usually aren't alot of fun to listen to.

All of the musicians you listed most definantly have solos that require use of the major scale
Yes, however you can also use the relative major pentatonic scale to solo over well. But I guess if your the type that remembers the patterns only you'll probably be using anyway.
(Note major and minor pentatonic's have a different pattern).

For example the Stairway to heaven solo used A minor pentatonic and it's relative major scale C major pentatonic. (If I'm not mistaken)
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Yes, however you can also use the relative major pentatonic scale to solo
No, you would just be playing the minor scale, and that would lead to pure minor rather that minor blues, and pure minor is generally not appropriate for blues-based soloing which most of the soloing of the men he mentioned is.
John (RHCP) use's alot of minor stuff, major stuff is used as well but John is huge on using melodic control. Which I find to be much easier to use.

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