what are the benefits of using a compressor pedal? i have a visualsound route 66 comp/overdrive and it's a really good sounding compressor but i need help with how i can better apply compression to my sound. if anyone has articals about it or can help me with understanding how to use it better would help. incase you want to know, my bands style is verry U2ish.
Umm, im not quite sure but as far as i remember, a compressor cuts the peaks off the top and bottom of the soundwave (like the one you see on Pro Tools and other recording programs) so that it is a more consistent sound. Also, some have noise filters i think, so when you accidently hit the strings with your right hand and do that kinda stuff which would make nasty noise, it cuts it off. Therefore, it just makes it sound alot cleaner and more consistent. I reckon it would be good for U2 stuff.
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it does what is says in a way, quadro had it pretty right. it makes the sound tighter, but kind of, squeezing the sound, if you know what i mean
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