okay, so I've been playing Punk Rock rhythm guitar for four years (unfortuantely known as the genre requireing the least ammount of skill)
now, I'm in a new band and me and the other guitarist switch lead and rhythm depending on the song
I'm not that great at writing lead, and I'm also not that great at playing it
mainly because I've gotten used to just playing power chords, octaves, and short riffs (Sum 41, blink 182, New Found Glory)
so I was just wondering, are there any songs you suggest to get me more familiarized with the fretboard and scales
I'll play anything from classic rock to blues
but I just need some good suggestions, please
Try some metalcore bands where rhythm and lead is in a way, played at the same time. As blood runs blacks, and maybe bullet for my valentine would be good for this.
Metal has always been the genre most known for technicality. So head in that direction. But I would definitely suggest Pantera, Megadeth, Led Zeppelin.

But honestly. Just sit down with a scale book. Pick one that looks cool and start jamming with it. Memorize one at a time, then go jam with your band mate.

Or you could stay rhythm. :P both work I guess.
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Van Halen switches from Rhythm to Lead seamlessly. John Petrucci plays guitar by himself, but Jordan Rudess backs him up, and vica versa
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Metal has always been the genre most known for technicality.

negatory. ever listened to classical?

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