hey yall... im new to this siteand blah blah about me.. whatever... well today i bought boss' OS-2 pedal(overdrive and distortion). im thoroughy enjoyed with it and the sound it gives me... Im playing an epiphone les paul plain top(looks like jimmy page's gibson) with the stock er standard equipment. nothing replaced. i have the amp i first bought, which is a VOX valvetronix AD30VT i believe. cant recall the exact numbering or lettering. it has some very neat effects built in, but i realize now im not really interested in some/most of them. im also looking to get a larger amp, probably double the wattage. im looking for something simple, not very digital, few effects, but a warm, kind of vintage tone without costing me an arm and leg. ive considered stacks, but they seem to be very expensive. Even though it is not often, i still do the occasional gig. someones,anyones advice will be EXTREMELY appreciated
as cheap as possible.... less than 300 at the MOST... if that makes sense.. im also NOT lookin for a metal amp... im gettin more annoyed with metal...... i want that vintage crunch sound,... like an overdriven tube sound.... even if you have a suggestion that is very expensive just throw it out there anyway... i will listen to any and all advice
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300 won't get you much, but i was in a similar situation a few weeks ago, and I got the Crate V-50, has great cleans....the OD isn't anything to brag about...to say the least..The amp is very good for blues & rock...hard rock can be done too...but with the right pedals you can apparently get thrash like sounds from them....You can also get 80's metal tones...I am easily able to get something very similar to Rainmaker (by Ironmaiden) with the amps OD.

but yeah...for classic rock this amp is probably the best you can get in your price range (new)

umm...i'm not sure but maybe you can find a Peavy Classic 30 for 300$ (used) ?

other then that the v series is your best bet...unless you get a steal on Craigslist / Ebay
The Crate VTX212B or either the 18/33 watt tubers are decent amps. The Raven amps 60/100 watt versions are cheap and take pedals well. The Peavey Vypyr series is pretty cool as well.
Crate V-50 would be your best bet new. Where do you live cause then we can give you some used recommendations. If you can stretch a bit past $300 this is an option.
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The Crate VTX212B or either the 18/33 watt tubers are decent amps. The Raven amps 60/100 watt versions are cheap and take pedals well. The Peavey Vypyr series is pretty cool as well.

Raven=cheap, poorly constructed, weak tone, GC brand.... X.
Vypyr=pretty win, but maybe a bit fancy for what you want.

Crate V Series: On clearance, vintage voicing, right up your alley, but no effects.
Blackheart Little Giant: Vintage voicing, fairly cheap, but extremely simple.
epi valve junior w/ OD or blackheart little giant with OD

neither NEED an OD for crunch. but it helps get crunch at lower volumes.

if you hardly ever gig, there's no point in getting a loud tube amp that'll hardly ever get mic'd. you can easily mic these low 5 watt amps no problemo.

if you MUST have some more wattage, then peavey classic 30 used.
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used peavey classic 30

+2 to that. Also you could find a used classic 20 or Crate VC3112, that'l work too.
thanks for the helpful suggestions... i thought about what u said slash, and i think i will get a smaller wattage amp since ill just mic it anyway at a gig.... i actually have a rehersal type thing tomorrow afternoon.. ive been loookin at the suggested crate v series and i think the V18 with a single 12 fits the sound i want.... all tube and vintage tone and its simple layout really appeal to me... thanks everyone
So if you wanted to get the full sound out of the little giant at bedroom levels an OD pedel would do that?
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used peavey classic 30

definitely. this amp rules for classic rock and blues.
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i have an overdrive/distortion pedal (Boss OS-2) but its still kinda hard gettting that warm tube sound from a ss amp (hmm wonder why) which is why i was asking for suggestions. ive realized people on this site know a lot more than i do about amps and shit
Depending on where you live you can get a classic 30 for $300. The Crate V18 is a cheaprocker way to go, $150 new. Go try one and see what you think.