I don't think that they're completely unknown, but they are definitely one of my favorite bands and I think some of you might like them too. Islands . That's their myspace page. If you ever get a chance to see them in concert take it because when I saw them I was absolutely blown away. They came back for 2 encores and had a great stage presence.
saw them a few months ago, great band live
both albums are solid too
your favorite poster
islands they are from montreal no?
im an elitist, please
they are good
i saw them open for metric like 3 years ago
i think they do alot of toronto shows
I've listened to their second album and it just made me wish The Unicorns were still together, although I did read their first album is better.
My finger's on the pulse
(but where's the beat?)
First album is a spectacular bit of breezy, surrealist fun. Not the Unicorns, but I'd say just as good. Second record's okay.
I love Islands, and The Unicorns.
The first album was a perfectly brilliant pop album.
Second one was a bit harder to digest but still brilliant.
Anyone heard of Nick's latest?
Human Highway