So I'm doing Cowboys From Hell with my ensemble this semester, and when we were jamming it we weren't doing the very start, we were just going from the main riff 12th position E string. The drummer was talking to me afterwards and said that he was listening to the song and noticed that we weren't playing the very intro part. I told him that was because I didn't know how, but if I could find out I would. So that is where you guys come in. What kind of effects or whatever did Dimebag use for the intro of Cowboys From Hell?
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it's actually a loop made with what i think was a flanger pedal with an infinite repeat setting. some old thing Dime found in a pawn shop if i remember correctly.
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What kind of flanger, what settings etc, how do I achieve that sound that he had?
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The best way to approximate the sound is to slide down from the 12th fret harmonic on the low E string and chug a low E note with a flanger on.
I believe it was an MXR Flanger Doubler. There not made any more, but you see them pop up on ebay all the time for like $400usd.

EDIT- If you choose to look for one, it's a blue face, 2 spaced rackmount unit.