hey...some advice please!
I don't know if it's worth getting the zoom g2.1u over the zoom g2? the g2s almost half the price and I dont know if it's worth the extra money for the .1u

Any help would be good...or if you can reccomend anything better in this price range...

the .1u basically just has an added expression pedal that you can use as a wah or to change many other settings (eg. volume control,pitch bend etc)
id recommend that you get the Zoom G2 and buy a regular wah seperately (Crybaby or whichever one u might like).
Set up:-
Kustom Sound 40W Guitar Amp
Marshall MG15 CD
Zoom 707 II (surprisingly good..)
VOX Tonelab ST
Jackson DK2M (Seymour duncan TB4 and the SD jazz)
^ Better to get a separate wah effect TBH
The Zoom doesn't sound particularly 'nice' anyway.