i have an ibanez rg321 neck lying around, not being used, and i'd like to make a body for it. i'm considering a tele because i don't have one, and i have more than a few strats. i've found this to use as a basic template, anyone else have anything better?

it's going to be 25.5 scale. haven't decided on bridge, pickups, or even the wood yet, but what's reflected in the picture will probably be what i'll use. it's going to have the elbow/tummy carves.

my local yard has some walnut, which i'm considering. what other woods are relatively easy to find? any tips anyone can give me, considering that this will be my first build?

edit: in regards to plans, i also found this which seems to be pretty good.

edit again: a possible mockup, kisekae/mspaint
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