Hey guys,

Ive been having a little trouble with speed in the fingers lately. The way i normally do things is start off slow and increase speed as I get good at it. But now i've come to things like through the fire and flames, stricken (solo) etc. I've been using the same technique but just can't get the fingers moving quick enough. So I was wandering if there were any exercises to increase the speed of my fingers.

Help will be much appreciated, just as everything else. cheers.
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Start to learn lots of other hard songs and then come back - it will be easier. Use something like Guitar Pro's speed trainer. Use a metronome and gradually increase. I don't know. ^^

Do pay special attention to how far you lift your fingers off the strings and where you keep youur pinky and that sort of thing.
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practice a little more on slow tempo...that will help your fingers build upon that song and then increase the tempo
Guitar pro is pretty much the ultimate software for this kinda thing. Invest in it if you don't have it already. Write up some simple, generic runs, then leave a gap of equal length after for you to play it in, then just keep upping the tempo. Leave a marker saying what tempo you got up to so you can track your progress.
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There's always speeding up on scales.

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Quote by DotSick
There's always speeding up on scales.

+1 sounds good, learn the last few i dont know and practice speed at the same time lol
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=When the going gets tough, the tough get going=
e---------------------------------------------------------------------------------1-3-4--1-2-4--l This is one i came up with for myself, to speed up gradually. I use it a lot for my riff writing too. Hope it helps you
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