Hi, i was wondering if there is a difference between fender standard telecasters and reissued ones. I found a nice looking vintage '52 reissue US made one on ebay.


that one.

anybody had experiences?
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Of course there's a difference. Reissued telecasters are made with the same specs and details as they were back in the day.. In this case, 1952. Standard telecasters are modernized and evolved. But older is better
The reissues have different neck profiles, different tuners, pickups, different bridges, different wiring (an old Tele's three way is neck with capacitor, neck, bridge - modern is neck - both - bridge).

There are pros and cons on each. I have an old Tele that I put a modern six saddle bridge on. Neck is all preference. Reissue or new, they're all made in the same few factories so the quality of a USA Reissue is about that of a USA modern model, etc...